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Kings of the World

Series 8×52′
Written by Pierre Cachia and Johan Rouveyre
Based on the eponymous novels by Jean-Philippe Jaworski
Kings of the world is a history, war and fantasy series taking place in Gaul, circa 600 BC: Bellovèse, a young Gallic prince living in exile, wants to take revenge on his uncle, high king Ambigat, who murdered his father. When Ambigat comes to enlist him in his army by force, Bellovèse thinks that he’s simply trying to get rid of him. But the young prince also sees the chance he’s been waiting for. Trained by an ancient god who’s chosen him as his champion, Bellovèse wants to distinguish himself in combat – and, this way, get close enough to Ambigat to fight him.

Between his family ties and oaths taken to the gods, Bellovèse is a prisoner wherever he goes… But he will break these chains that tie him down, one by one!

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Series 8×52′
Written by Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave

On the first day of winter, with ski resorts opening up to welcome families back to the slopes, the main tunnel leading to the skiing region collapses. A rescue operation quickly comes together outside, but the real race against the clock is happening deep in the heart of the tunnel, where 10 people are trapped!

The survivors don’t have time to wait for help from outside. Without food or water, in the biting cold of a weakened structure that could crash down at any time and bury them, they’re going to have to fight for their lives and work together, if they don’t want to become casualties of the disaster.

10 lives on the line. 10 survivors. 10 would-be heroes.

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The Realm

Series 6×52′
Written by Mary Arnaud and Mathilde Arnaud

12th century. In Sauveterre, a small town, somewhere in a province which is not yet the Kingdom of France.

During the harvest festival, which brings together villagers and sisters of the nearby abbey, a mysterious blast kills dozens of people, including the convent’s Mother Superior. Lucie, a scholarly nun, is chosen to become the new abbess, even though she has no faith. Unwillingly, she endorses her new responsibility, and tries to understand the weird and unearthly events around the village.

Will she keep her sanity while she faces a growing paranoia in the village and the abbey ? Her old beliefs falter, meanwhile the Evil comes forward…

Boys in a band

Series 10×30′
Written by Rodrigue Huart, Thomas Kielemoes and David Cassan
Coproduced by Muscle

Boys in a band tells the story of the first musical, social and romantic thrills of a group of teenagers in Sedan, a small French city near the Belgian border, circa 2005.

Growing up in a declining industrial area, Ben, Robin and Phil, 15, dream of something else, somewhere else. By forming a rock band, the country boy, the upper middle-class kid and the geek will show the world who they want to be, discover who they are and clear out their path to adulthood.

I wanna save the world,
I play rock’n’roll
I wanna be with girls,
I play rock’n’roll
RAJ – Play Rock’n’Roll, 2005