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    We are in 1963. In a few minutes, hordes of high school students will pass the great doors of the Voltaire High School. And for the first time, there will be among them… girls. Previously boys high school, Voltaire is becoming the first Mixed High School of the department.

    Girls are few, but with their arrival, it is the whole life of a school that is upset, both for the teachers and the pupils, as for boys and for girls. The high school evolves, the relations between men and women are transformed, morals change, and with them, this is the face of a new French society that is taking shape.

    Set against the backdrop of the sexual and social revolution of the 1960s, the first season follows several faculty members and students through an explosive year as Voltaire High School opens the door to 12 female students and a new teacher for the first time. The drama explores the forced confrontation of feminine and masculine, where desire and social progress collide, ultimately leading to the events of May 1968.

Voltaire, mixte


Series 8×52′


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Created by

Marie Roussin

Written by

Marie Roussin, Vladimir Haulet, Julie-Albertine Simonney, Bertrand Marzec, Frédéric Faurt, Hélène Le Gal, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat

Executive Producer

Voltaire Mixte Productions


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